A Letter from the Doctor | February

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Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything went right? Me neither. But in the midst of life reminding you that “everyday is a winding road”, we often get sometimes subtle and other times overt signs that life is great and that we are loved and blessed in immeasurable ways.


I felt inspired to reflect on “the long and winding road” that life takes when a patient wrote on their intake form, “today is a great day!” Truly, that should be a bumper sticker.

When I get introspective, I often reflect on the musings of great philosophers like Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Tom Cochrane, Paul McCartney, etc. As the song says “life is a highway,” and I, like so many others, can get frustrated by the stop signs and detours that pop up on my imagined straight and narrow path. Very often, I am part of someone else’s stop sign or detour. Life may be just “rockin’ down the highway,” and then something like a metaphorical car crash causes them to seek my services. I hopefully patch them up to get back “on the road again” and give them sage advice to check back in to see if things are running right in the future so that there won’t be another breakdown. Those tune-ups, alignments, system checks, or whole-body overhauls might seem like they are devastating at the time, but if done right they make the journey so much more enjoyable. Occasionally, all that is needed is a little fuel or a quick jump start to help them keep going. That might just be a word, a laugh, some encouragement, some lessening of a burden, some friendship, some love, or just by sharing time together.

Everyday I drain my tank and exhaust my battery by giving out all that I can, but everyday that tank is filled back up and the battery is recharged by each of you individually and collectively. I deeply feel the love, the encouragement, and the friendship being poured back into me. I embrace the surge of power that comes from time shared, laughter, and healthy interaction. The experience at Gordon Family Chiropractic might sometimes seem like being in traffic, but hopefully it is more like those unforgettable family road trips. Outings filled with excitement, a sense of coziness, the occasional “are we there yet,” and lots of love. We love on our patients and in return you love on us. I am so thankful that I get to take this journey with you. I hope this February brings you lots of love and makes you feel like “king of the road.”