Patient Success Stories

Of the numerous chiropractors I’ve seen over the years, I’m most impressed and loyal to Dr. Gordon. He and his staff practice kindness and compassion while being dedicated to providing the best services for overall comfort and wellbeing.
— Donnell C.

After adjustments with Dr. Gordon, I was able to lift my arms over my head for the first time in years. I could barely walk after an auto accident and I have major improvements there as well. My life has vastly improved with help from Dr. Gordon. I have moved and refuse to change doctors, preferring to drive two hours each way, it is worth the time.
— Evelyn

As a firm believer of the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” I have integrated routine treatments from Dr. Gordon into my overall personal wellness plan. Dr. Gordon is an extremely knowledgeable professional who is responsible for assisting me in maintaining, and improving, my health. I absolutely credit him as being one of the main reasons why I typically feel as great as I do on a daily basis.
— Mark

A close friend of mine recommended Dr. Gordon for my back issues. He stated Dr. Gordon was the first Chiropractor that has been able to solve a persistent chronic issue with his back. My health issue is primarily my back as well and I found the same results with Dr. Gordon and his team. I have had back surgery that only solved 50% of my problem but through his care and direction I am back to doing many task that I thought might not be possible. I owe DR Gordon a tremendous Thank You and are committed to him and his practice for the long term, hopefully avoiding any future surgeries!
— Steven

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get over the pain from sciatica in my right hip. My hip got so painful that my gait had changed. I followed Dr. Gordon’s advice and treatments and I now walk over 3-4 miles daily and can climb stairs without difficulty. I am also losing weight. The staff were wonderful always ready to accommodate me with my busy work schedule. I highly recommend Gordon Family Chiropractor and have to my family, friends, coworkers and patients I see at work.
— Rosemary

I have seen Dr. Gordon for over a year now. His demeanor and precise approach with his techniques have always been consistent. I always feel relief when I leave the office. In addition, my daughter was very hesitant seeing a Chiropractor for the first time. Dr. Gordon calmly spoke with her (as she was emotional) and explained in detail what he was going and how it would affect her prior to adjusting her. Because of his patience and approach, my daughter fully trusts Dr. Gordon and is ready each time she is seen. She also has been performing better in her sports. Finally, I would like to add that the staff is wonderful as well. It is a blessing when you are treated as an individual and not a number.
— Dawn

Other doctors told me Stop running....stop being active....stop doing what you love....and even the dreaded, you need surgery. And then I met Dr Gordon. 10 years later and I’m still running. Still active. Still doing all the things I love. No surgery required. How do you thank someone for keeping you strong and taking away your pain? The staff is also wonderful. Friendly, efficient and caring. They always make an opening when I need an adjustment. Dr Gordon has treated me, both of my children, my Mom, step-dad, and multiple friends over the years.
— Colleen

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